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After more then 20 years of working in a small community, Duncan Campbell has earned a reputation for fantastic quality workmanship, consistent reliability and outstanding work ethic.  

We can only be grateful we had the benefit of your services for so many years, and hope we find some one half as good...
We own an old stone house in the country, which required a lot of renovation. When we first moved here, we had a number of contractors and tradesmen do various projects, and had what we then considered to be the inevitable experiences. They came late or they didn't show up at all. They came, tore out a bathroom and then disappeared for three weeks. Some work was good, and some not so good. Since not every tradesman is experienced in working with old houses, some took one look at the job and disappeared, because it was too intimidating. We tried three times to have someone do our roof soffit and fascia. Then Duncan left a brochure in our mailbox. Without much hope, we called him. He responded promptly, gave us a very reasonable quote, started work when he said he would, and persevered, doing a full day's work every day until the job was done. He even worked over the weekend. And this was in the Ottawa Valley in early March - snow, sleet, freezing cold.

Since that happy day, we have never hired anyone but Duncan for any job we had. If it was a project he thought needed additional expertise (for example, pulling out the original, one hundred year old front door and installing a new one without having the stones collapse, and custom fitting the new door in the irregular opening), he would find the right person for the job, and supervise their work. He is a meticulous craftsman. He repaired our old cracked walls before repainting them, and they look like new construction. He installed new hardwood floors, and there is nary a creak or a slope, even though the original floors were at least two inches different in level across the rooms.
We know he will quickly acquire a new and devoted clientele, because word of mouth will quickly spread the news of his incredible competence, reliability and dedication to his clients.
If the above is too wordy, feel free to edit it down to a useful size. We mean every word Duncan. We can only be happy and grateful we had the benefit of your services for so many years, and hope we can find someone half as good in Costa Rica.
Heather and John Griffiths

You were such a gift to us. 

The work you did was amazing and having you on site was wonderful.  We would feel so lucky to have you do any work for us again and are delighted to recommend you highly to anyone.

We are certainly sorry to hear you are moving, but, sure you will find more loyal customers and word will spread (even though it is tempting to keep you a secret!).

Best wishes in the future, 

Jackie Brophy & Don Hawkins

Duncan is an excellent & trustworthy contractor.

I would recomment him.  He is the best.

Linda Daze

Thank you for getting my finicky little project into our very busy schedule.  

I hope to engage your expertise in a more worthwhile renovation in the future...Thankyou again, I liked the finished product!

Shiela Moher

                                                 During a major renovation at my century-old cottage, he installed five major windows, adapting the new windows to the quirks of an old and classic cottage. The work was impeccable from beginning to end, including a great attention to detail and finish. As part of the arrangement, he looked after the ordering and delivering of the windows, making the whole experience as easy as possible from my point of view.As often happens, there were a few other jobs requiring attention around the building which Duncan graciously took care of while doing the major job. This included building a new door for the wood-shed, and he did so with apparent ease and great precision. It is the nicest wood-shed door in Horton Township.
He also provided me with expert referrals to other trades-people regarding a couple of household jobs. His advice helped me to make better decisions when hiring other contractors. I appreciate the fact that Duncan is willing to educate the customer as the project unfold.Duncan is someone I would call immediately when considering a renovation, whether big or small. I have recommended him to family and friends, and they have all spoken highly of his work ethic and his skill.Duncan is a carpenter with a wealth of knowledge, a tremendous work ethic, a meticulous eye for detail, and an efficient ability to manage time. I look forward to contracting him for my next job.  
Peter Woods
Duncan Campbell has provided me with excellent service as a carpenter.

To Whom It May Concern,


For years perfect strangers have sought me out to “gush” about Duncan Campbell’s work; his commitment to “a job well done”, “goes over and above”, “attention to detail”, a “clean site”, “considerate” are just some of the comments that I have received. Most impressive have been the attributes to Duncan’s creative problem solving. “It was a old house, not quite square, but he made it work.”


The Township of McNab/Braeside particularly appreciated this ability to develop custom solutions for difficult building situations when Duncan Campbell won the competitive contract to reshingle Waba Cottage Museum’s heritage church building.

Roofing heritage buildings can be challenging at best, but to have someone who can replace a roof using authentic methods and materials is a rare find.


It was only after these accolades had been delivered that I had occasion to ask Duncan for help on renovations for my own 20 year home. True to his reputation, Duncan was quick, efficient, cleaned up and was a pleasure to have around. He went “over and above” what I asked for, making sure that I got what he knew I needed. Many thanks, Duncan!


Mary M. Campbell

Proprietor; Glendockart Farm, B&B, Dochart Dining

Former Mayor, Township of McNab/Braeside

I am a realtor and have had many occasions to refer Duncan. Every client

has said that the experience was positive and the end results were more then they expected.  I will continue to recommend him whenever I can.

Greg Townly

Mather Real Estate

I can't say enough

about my experience with Duncan….I have spent a considerable amount of money, however, I feel that I got value for my investment and a better quality of life as a result.  

Don and Sheila Phillips


Duncan and his crew were the absolute best.

The workmanship is exceptional.  They did an outstanding job. Duncan provides better service then anyone. 

Gerald Cere

The whole experience

was very pleasing, the response time was quick, and the overall install was very professional.  

Robert Ramesbottom

My Kitchen was completely renovated in the fall of 2012.

I had numerous contractors involved with the renovation but the key contractor was Duncan Campbell. The whole project hinged on the work Duncan did to prepare the kitchen for the new cupboards. Duncan’s excellent carpentry skills, his attention to detail and his ability to communicate with the various contractors allowed the whole project to run smooth from start to finish. I will not hesitate to call Duncan for my next home renovation.

Clare Kavanaugh

Thanks so much for your fabulous work

on our house.  We love how it looks as well as how it feels.  We appreciated your attention to detail and carefulness and we are hoping to work with you again.  

Lester Eades

The job was very well coordinated & well done.    

Duncan was able to accommodate changed orders in stride.  

All workers were professional, courteous and friendly.  The price was competitive and the site was cleaned up well.  

Sam Katz

I have used Campbell Property Services for many of my home improvements.
Duncan's honesty, knowledge, and attention to detail are evident in all areas of the job and end in a product I am always completely satisfied with. I highly recommend Campbell Property Services.
John and Tammy Perrault


I'm very happy

with the roofing job, the roof looks good, the crew was timely courteous and helpful.  

Tony Lopes

Workers arrived early and did not stop until the job was done. 

Neighbours were amazed at how quickly everything was done, including the clean up.  

Great Job - Duncan is very helpful and does good work.

Kirt Henkleman

Duncan was polite and very hard working. 

He was also astonishingly diligent at protecting our bushes and garden from rolling debris.

Gerry McKenna

Duncan was very professional and helped

with all my questions and concerns.  

He came on time and did an excellent job.  I would recommend using him for any project you may have.  

Dan Renoe

Duncan appreciates the time it takes 

to write a refferal


pass on his information

to friends

Thank you for sharing

Hello Duncan

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for what Chris and I feel was a very thoughtful, thorough job on our roof. There have been a few rainy days and a couple with some pretty high winds and so far, the roof has withstood the beating. I think that's a testament to the great job you did. I would be happy to pass your name along to others and write you a nice review online if there's anywhere you'd like me to write it.

Hope you get a bit of a break over the holidays!
Lesley Silver

The best thing about

Duncan,especially for a neat freak like me, is that at the end of every work day the work area is left neat and tidy.  You would not know anyone had been working there, despite the fact that this involved major renovation work.  

Duncan also shows such attention to seemingly small details. 


Because the tiles for the floor were square he found the most beautiful little square drain covers for the round basement floor drain in the laundry area.It exemplifies the care Duncan takes with every aspect of his work.

Jill Slater

We found Duncan to be extremely competent.

All of the work was done in a very professional and timely manner.  Everything was efficiently scheduled to minimize the time needed to finish the job.  

I highly recommend him.  

Jody Lumsden


Just thought you would want to know

what a great job you did on my roof.  Absolutely no water in my house over the winter and this was a very bad winter for ice backing up on roofs - we had many claims in our office this year.  So thank you very, very much.

Kim Thomas

In November 2014 we contracted Duncan Campbell to finish our basement and we are 100% satisfied with the results.

His experience and work ethics in his field were the contributing factors in achieving the outcome we desired within our budget.


It was important to Duncan that our basement project was a team effort.   Throughout the whole process we were able to communicate freely with him and felt confident in his professional skills.

He is very trustworthy and we would not hesitate to recommend him for any contracting or renovation project.

Thanks to Duncan, we now have a beautiful basement to enjoy.


Karen & Joe Ovington


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